The Absorption of the real

Paper turns to canvas, a photograph becomes a painting.

Her works portray a new way of capturing the world; a world of open spaces,  continuous and illuminated movements, where  black and white  are replaced by colour, allowing the real to engrave itself in the background.

Allowing her body to take the lead, her arms gestures fluid and free, she spontaneously projects and pours paint from  above as she circles around the surface of the canvas.

This choreography of painting distances her from the all-over process by its uniform treatment of the entire surface. In a smooth flow, the liquid colours escape onto the canvas and even “perspire ”in places. Areas of unpredictability appear as light. Without being summoned, these luminous haloes in varying shades of white create a palatable tension between the spaces.

“These clouds of light appear in moments of intense creation .They are the reflection of the act itself, of its origins” explains Magali.

The act of creation , the original cosmic source and the initiator of life make up the theme of research of the elements of creation : fire, earth, water, air…

Air and the dynamics of breathing are a unifying thread. A new breath takes hold in the “Openings” series , where an opening is created by circular gestures, echoing an artistic form between mastery and contingency.

“If it were music, it would be the sound of the gong “ she  explains .

Its atmosphere  almost instrumental is perceived as a sensory experience.

Motion and colour resonate in the rounded beginnings; colourful, radiant and never closed .This physical and striking engagement with the canvas is felt in the very fibre of the painting. Reflective of Japanese calligraphy, Magali Léonard  works in rapid flashes to capture the moment.

Circular motions lead her towards the  line ;The “Crossings” recall the artist’s journey by train across America express from New york to San Francisco.

Echoing this spatial continuity , is a series of independent panels that are simultaneously interconnected , interacting with each other. The connection forms a whole that is more the sum of its parts. These mental landscapes are the vehicle of a fragmented  universe; a succession of atmospheres capable of rendering a point of view.

“My painting is the idea of presence in the world”

Executed in the moment ,each unique piece of  “ Crossings” creates a distinct mood ;a suspended pause in time that invites interpretation .

Like a flashback to the origins of photography her last works are a coloured rendition ofher photos.

They are based on a large –scaled, black and white photo of a quill, chosen for  its tricolored aspect.

“This tricolour flag supplied by nature is a wonderful sight that I couldn’t fail to have noticed”

On Velin d’Arches paper , a thick and absorbent medium , the photo of the feather is integrated and enlarged on a grater scale in order to fit its new support. Using these tools , she intervenes, paints, scrapes and  builds with what emerged. The feather becomes the pretext and merges with balance in a dazzlingly harmony. An outline emerges freely. It leaves oneself  the memory of the feather  deseapared  burrowed  out of the version .

The feather’s three stripes slip  away ans are thrown into the work’s three dominant colours. Uniting these colours creates impressions of depth and relief. In the visual absorption , the artist reinterprets the real and embodies the abstract.

In her constant movement, Magali Leonard captures the immediate. In her curiosity of an Elsewhere that can reveal itself under our every gaze, her works invite us to conquer the evanescence of pictorial art.

                                                           2017 May       Canoline CRITIKS


Magali Leonard, Fugitive Feathers

Every morning, the artist walks near an ornithological center in the Woods of Vincennes.

This daily communion with nature has engaged the artist in a meditative and creative process and, through her photography, has revealed the transient passages on our landscape in a series entitled “The Sphere of Birds”.

With an ethereal realism, she takes note of curious anomalies, zooms in on minute movements between sky and earth. Without staging, Magali Leonard spontaneously photographs feathers of swans and of other birds which, by chance, cross her path. The feather is an apparition which becomes the photograph’s anchor, the esthetic mark of the artist’s delicate, elusive and aerial vision of nature.

The exploration of a world in black and white serves to highlight the down of the feather. This textured effect, without retouching or filters, brings to focus the folds of white, as well as those of light, important subjects for the artist.

Shadow and light, death and life are on the fringe of Freud’s “worrying strangeness”, where the beautiful and the shapeless, the void and the emptiness, the domestic and the foreign converse.

A torn wing divulges this balance of force. The dramatic tension moves from the overall scene to the attention to detail, giving meaning to the seemingly insignificant.

A drop of rain, the frost, a fly… are among the many details that draw the eye.  The viewer’s gaze moves forward from left to right then traces a path backwards again, probing the visible space more closely.  This oscillation creates a distance from reality, between possibilities of recognition and fictional associations.

“The Sphere of Birds” is presented on a cylinder of canvas, 8-meters long, resembling a large-scaled roll of film.  With no beginning or end, one is free to move around this imposing structure. Part of the work is hidden, voluntarily left unrolled, still to become, inviting the viewer to imagine and develop the end of the film for his or herself.  It is accompanied by five columns of photographs printed on aluminum.

In a skillfully planned continuity, the ensemble’s dynamics reveal the afterimage.  The feathers are in motion, always different, never captured in the same place. As our gaze skims across its surface, each has a story to tell.

They stir our senses within the exhibition space, the perfect backdrop for further expansion and the unfolding of their ever-changing tales. Moving from one reality to another, opening our way through sight and touch, into a dimension of shared space.

Fugitive and almost dreamlike, Magali Leonard’s photographs give you the general feeling of being in the presence of an elusive phenomenon. They provoke visual experiences with a fundamental tie to Space and Time, in which the central question is the loss of references.

One is free to wander and lose oneself, cultivate one’s own awareness, probe into hidden meanings, while contemplating these natural, beautiful, enigmatic and poetic scenes.

   2017 May       Canoline CRITIKS



Mes traversées sont issues d’un parcours effectué en train de Chicago à San Francisco . Ce fut un trajet sans arrêt d’un bout à l’autre , d’Est en Ouest , du continent américain . Jai donc suivi cette immense étendue , ancrée à une fenêtre mobile.
Ce fut une façon de vivre en continuité un espace immense dans une sorte d’ engagement lent prise dans l’ action de traverser.
Ce glissement du plan spatial au plan temporal je le cherche aussi dans ce cycle de mes peintures que je nomme TRAVERSEE
Au delà de ce que j’ai vu
Au delà de ces fabuleux paysages
Au delà de la façon dont la nature nous saisit de ses qualités sensibles ; je ne fixe pas de représentations , ne pose pas de descriptions
Qu’est ce qui nous meut? Nous fait-bouger ? nous entraine ou nous pousse ?
Là où l’espace dépasse l’entendement , là où on ne mesure pas , là où tout se modifie sans cesse je situe ma peinture.
Pas de formes fixes dans mes couleurs prises en flux mouvants , le “flottage” des limites y devient possible. L’eau y excède , tout attend et pousse les pigments : la matière inerte prend vie.

Quelquechose se développe et mes pans se donnent en un ensemble continu.
Avec quelle saisie? Quelle liaison? Ils se combinent. , se complètent .
Cette expression de Monet me parle “un tout sans fin comme un horizon sans rivage”
Rien d’une métaphore
Tout d’une respiration , d’un souffle
Surtout ouvrir sur une vibration mes espaces dans un processus de lumière.

Quelquechose se passe , quelquechose surgit, une intuition peut-être…
Et la pensée émerge non en concept, plutôt en ressenti .
Mes “traversées” seraient peut-être là où la réalité excède la conscience comme Merleau Ponty le montre dans le visible et l’invisible ; quand la conscience ne peut pas reconstituer la réalité quand on se fond dans l’univers alors peut-être
au delà de ce que l’on voit à la surface des choses pour parfois aller dans la profondeur qu’est le regard
Ou comme s’il ne s’agissait plus de surfaces, de plans, d’horizons d’espaces traversés mais d’un monde feuilleté non historique non linéaire où le prèsent peut disparaitre à chaque instant dans le futur et s’immerge dans le passé.
En apportant du poétique: “Il y aura toujours l’eau le vent la lumière
Rien ne passe après tout si ce n’est le passant” dit Aragon
A l’acceuil de toutes nos Traversées dans des espaces ouverts pour que les choses puissent toujours advenir…

Magali Leonard Août 2016

“Crossings” was born during a train trip from Chicago to San Francisco; a non-stop voyage across the American Continent from East to West. Thus I experienced the flow of this immense space through a window in motion.
It was a deliberate manner of experiencing – in continuity – a vast space, engaging slowly in its crossing
This transition between Space and Time is also what I seek to capture in this series of paintings that I have named CROSSINGS.
Beyond what I saw,
Beyond the fabulous landscapes,
Beyond nature’spower to grip us with its sensible qualities
I portray no representations, no descriptions.
What move us? What attracts us? What pushes us?
Where Space exceeds Meaning, where we cease to Measure, where all is in constant transformation; it is there my paintings exist.
Devoid of fixed forms, they capture colours in the flux of movement and enable “floating” limits. Water reaches beyond, pushes the waiting pigments into motion and brings life to inert material
Born out of this process are panels that form a continuous unity.
How are they linked? How are they related? They complement each other, they complete each other.
An expression from Monet resonates with me: “A whole without an end, like a horizon without a shore”.
This is far from being a metaphor.
It’s about breathing in, breathing out…
Above all, it is about being open to feeling the vibration of space within plays of light?
Something takes place, appears suddenly; intuition perhaps…
Thought emerges not as concept but as feeling.

“Crossings” could perhaps be said to exist where Reality exceeds Consciousness, as shown by Merleau Ponty in “The Visible and Invisible”; when consciousness cannot reconstruct reality; when we dissolve into the universe, sometimes going beyond what we see on the surface and thus achieving true depth of vision.
As if it were no longer a question of surface, planes, horizons of spaces crossed, but a layered world with no history or linearity. Where, at any given moment, the present disappears into the future and submerges itself into the past
To finish with a poetic touch:
There will always will be the water, the wind, the light.
After all, nothing passes away but the passer by.
Louis Aragon
A warm welcome to all of our Crossings, through open spaces, so that something can always happen.

Magali Leonard Août 2016

Magali Léonard was born in Provence in the south of France  where she lived on a farm until age 15. At 21, she moved to Paris to pursue her interest in art, intensively visiting museums and exhibitions. Between ages 18 and 21, Léonard worked as teacher with young children. She studied etching, painted in an artist’s studio in Antibes, and learned to sculpt in wood and stone. In 1985, she began her studies in visual art at the Sorbonne in Paris.

Léonard studied art practice and theory, art history, and the philosophy and sociology of art, receiving a degree in fine art in 1992, and a master’s degree in 1992. For the latter, her research topic was le pli or the fold, as an expression of dynamic space, metamorphosis, and impermanence. Among the artist she related to this concept were Richard Serra, Sam Gilliam, and Simon Hantai. The fold as light and rhythmic bodily movement was embodied in Léonard’s own sculptural work employing wood frames and wave-like elements in paper or clay.

In 1996, the artist received her DEA degree, with her research topic Du Trait au Retrait or Erasure of the Trace, exploring the concept of transformation. Philosophers that were important to her study include Levinas, Jankelevitch, and Didi-Huberman. Among the she artists cites as influential include Michaux, Pollock, and Rothko. Léonard taught in a national art college in France for 14 years.

In 2000, Léonard began working with « body-writing », created by painting a part of the body and transferring its impression via off-printing to a sheet of paper, a kind of physical calligraphy. Also in that year, she studied Japanese in Kyoto, and returned two years later to Osaka to have her first solo exhibition. After an accident in 2004, Léonard found it difficult to work with her body directly on paper, so in the following two years she work photographically. In 2007, fragments of the photos became incorporated in the paintings as figurative elements, in a new approach to space.

2007 also marked the beginning of Léonard’s work with space and light on canvas. In 2009, she started the Cosmogonie series, paintings in which she used color fluidly and with sense of bodily movement. In the Cosmogonie paintings, Léonard was able to realize the sense of perpetual change that she had explored during her university studies. From 2008-11, her paintings’ indeterminate, all-over space evoked the primal elements of earth, air, fire, and water. Léonard has said of her painting process, “it is impossible to plan the liquid flow of colors… its energy flows at the moment of creation according to the creative force behind it.”

Léonard’s solo exhibitions include Roccia Gallery, Montreal; Plastic Arts Center Albert Chamot, Clamart, France; EMKA Gallery, Paris; and Armando Gallery and Nova Gallery, both Osaka. Group exhibtions include those at Gora Gallery, Montreal; Contemporary Japanese Kakemono, Paris; and Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York.


My painting doesn’t stem from any deliberate thought, but from an energy, that is to say from an immediate, overcoming power; I’m dealing with power into action. It has nothing to do with mere representation or portrayal. Without any anecdote, nor any search for any technical skill display, my approach wants to get rid of aesthetic theory. It requires the magnitude of a life force.

My body in its entirety is involved in the wideness of its gestures, its rhythm that is sometimes similar to dancing ; my breath also takes an active part in the process.

Colour is a reality, and I have to control its fluidity all along this experience of movement in which I get involved with the canvas, whether it resists me or not. This meeting occurs both through  feelings and actions, like a clinch. While working right on the spot, at any moment of time, colour flow condense. I favour this energy force by which my gesture develops and organizes these spaces, which by this way come to light.

Spaces I wish to be indeterminate, that will give support to each gaze that will revive them.

Magali Leonard


Comme une danse libre avec la matère fluide, immergée dans le flux,  mon geste travaille ; l’espace est  saisi dans l’instant..

Ma création  est issue  de cette expérience de mise en éveil, d’engagement, de réceptivité dans une action sans entrave.

Like a free dance with fluid materials submerged in the flow, my gestures work; Space is captured   in the moment.

My creation is derived  from  the sense of  awakening , commitment to  reception through  unrestrained action

Magali Leonard

mars 2014


University  Paris1- Sorbonne

1991   Degree in « arts plastiques »

1992   Master in « arts plastiques »      « le pli »

1996   Diplôme degree under the supervision of director Lancri  to research  « du trait au retrait »

1997   Agrégation « Arts Plastiques »


2016 3月28日〜4月9日










28 mars -9 avril 2016 Exhibition »DUO » OSAKA NOVA Gallery

My paintings are not in resonance with mountains, flowers, or all that is present in nature but with the very matter from which these elements are composed. I don’t want to represent.

Earth, water and air are essential.

I capture, I catch that which appears suddenly in the colours of my pigments.

My natural pigments come from the south of France, in particular the red earthen colours of Roussillon.

White becomes empty space, open space, light. Black its complementary force.

I always strive for the spontaneous execution of a work, which takes place in the act of the moment, without retouches, as in the art of calligraphy.

In my DUO ,two independent and self-sufficient panels, the works exist in relation to each other and in response to each other, forming a unity, a totality.

In my painting, the idea of connection is essential. It would be like an energy common to all beings creating a universal link between them.

Magali Leonard 2016 march







パリ第一大学(ソルボンヌ)にて芸術学士(1991)、修士(1992)。1996年、ランクリ教授の指導でDEA論文『刻印と後退』Du Trait au Retraitを提出。1997年、芸術高等教授資格取得。パリ在住。


2001 展覧会De l’un aux multiples、アルベール・シャノ芸術センター(フランス、クラマール)

2004 「第三回現代芸術サロン」Construcción de un mejor futuro、クスカトラン公園国立展示室(エル・サルバドル、サン・サルバドル)

展覧会Jardins d’hivers, Jardins secrets、アルベール・シャノ芸術センター(クラマール)

2005 浜風の家(芦屋市)


2006 展覧会Jardins d’hivers, Jardins secrets、アルベール・シャノ芸術センター(クラマール)

2007 「日本の現代かけもの展」、エスパス・ル・スクリーブ=ラルマッタン(パリ)

2008 展覧会Couleurs de France et du Japon à Paris、エスパス・ル・スクリーブ=ラルマッタン(パリ)

2009 グループ展、ゴラ・ギャラリー(モントリオール)

展覧会Vibrations en Noirs & Blancs、クラマール美術協会(クラマール)

2010 展覧会Photographie de femme/Photographies de femmes、アルベール・シャノ芸術センター(クラマール)

2011 展覧会Non-objectivity、ウォルター・ウィッカイザー・ギャラリー(ニューヨーク)

2012 「芸術国際サロン」、ネール画廊(パリ)

2013 「第60回サロン」、エスパス・アール&リベルテ(フランス、シャラントン=ル=ポン)

展覧会Les minis du génie、AABギャラリー(パリ)

展覧会Les photographes du génie、パリ11区協会会館

展覧会En mouvement (In Bewegung)、ウィーン・フランス会館

展覧会Même pas mal !、バスティーユ・デザイン・センター(パリ)

展覧会Gallery Artists Part X、ウォルター・ウィッカイザー・ギャラリー(ニューヨーク)

2014 展覧会Tout feu tout flammes, Artistes à la Bastille、AABギャラリー(パリ)

展覧会Les minis du génie、バスティーユ芸術家画廊(パリ)

展覧会Utopia in progress, Le Génie de la Bastille, 芸術国際都市(パリ)

2015 展覧会Chroniques, Artistes à la Bastille、バスティーユ・デザイン・センター(パリ)

展覧会Génie de la Bastille invité、アルティブラック・ギャラリー(デン・ハーグ)



2004 ギャラリーNOVA自由空間(大阪市)

2006 ボック・ド・ボエム(パリ)

2007 アトリエ・ポルト・ウヴェルト(クラマール)

2008 アトリエ・ポルト・ウヴェルト(クラマール)


2009 アンカ・ギャラリー(パリ)

2010 アトリエ・ポルト・ウヴェルト(クラマール)



2011 ロッキア・ギャラリー(モントリオール)

2012 ベゴ=エゼア・ギャラリー (ニューヨーク)

2014 ギャラリー・ダブルS(パリ)

2015 798芸術区(北京)



2016 TRAVERSEE, CROSSING  » Génie de la Bastille »Gallery , rue Charonne PARIS

2016 Duo , Nova Gallery Osaka Japan

2015 Openings : worlds of transparency and Flux , W.Wickiser Gallery New York 10001

2014 Cosmogonies - Contemporary art center 798, 58 art gallery, Beijing, China

2014 Galerie Double S  Paris st Germain 75006

2011   French guest to the Roccia Gallery, Montreal, Canada

2010   Arts visual  Center Albert Chanot, Clamart, France

Workshops : open doors, Tourist Information Centre, Clamart, France

2009   EMKA  Gallery, Paris

2008   Amanado  Gallery, Osaka, Japan

Workshop : open doors, Clamart, France

2007   Workshop : open door, Clamart, France

2006   « Bock de Bohême » Paris, France

2004   Nova Gallery, Osaka, Japan


2017 « Epicentres », Bastille artist Group, Génie de la Bastille Gallery, Paris 75011

2016 « promenons nous dans le bois »"Walking in the wood » Bastiille artist Group , Commines space, Paris 75003

« Passerelle vers l’Empire du milieu »"1ere édition salon « Association Art Vision Monde » Paris

et « passerelle vers l’Empire du milieu  » PEKIN

2015 Exposition « Artibrak »invitation rencontre de l’association du Génie de la Bastille, Voorburg-la Haye Holland>

Exposition « Chroniques » Artistes à la Bastille Design Art center Paris 11ème

2014 Exposition « Utopia » génie de la bastille, cité internationale des arts, Paris

Exposition « Tout feu tout flammes »Artistes ala bastille, Galerie AAB, Paris

Exposition des artistes à la Bastille « Passworld » invités artistes mexicains  salle Olympe de Goujes Paris 11eme

2013    Exposition  «  part X »  Galerie Walter Wickiser  Chelsea New york

Exposition « Même pas mal ! »organisée par l’association artistes à la Bastlle Design center Paris 11éme

Exposition « En mouvement »/ »In bewegung »organisée par le  génie de la Bastille et l’associaton intackt Institut fraçais  Vienne ,  Autriche

Exposition « photographes du génie » Maison des associations du 11eme Paris

Exposition «  Les minis du génie » Galerie  des AAB ,  les Artistes de Belleville, Paris

60 ème salon   Espace arts et liberté  Charenton le pont

2012    Galerie Ezair_Bego  avenue Madison,   New York 10001

Salon AEAF  ,  galerie de Nesle, Paris 75006

2011     Walter WiCKISER gallery « Non objectivity » Chelsea New York

2010     Photographs of Woman / Photographs of women

Visual Arts Center Albert Chanot, Clamart, France

2009     Gora Gallery, Montreal, Canada

Permanent exhibition, Arte Bella Gallery

Exhibition : « vibrations white and black »

Fine arts society, Clamart

2008     Exhibition : « France’s colors and Japanese’s colors »

France-Japan meeting, Le scribe-l’harmattan space, Paris

Photography Festival : « Metamorphoses »

The Bassin de la Villette (The Villette Basin), Paris

Exhibition : « Surprises »

The Fine Arts Society, The White House’s garden, Clamart, France

2007     Contemponary Japanese  Kakemono, Paris

French guest

2006     Contemponary japanese Kakemono, Paris

French guest

2005     Hamazake Gallery Ashiya Japan

Nunokini Gallery Municipal Park, Kobe, Japan

2004     Third Fine Arts Exhibition Latin America –Japan

San Salvador, Salvador

French guest

Exhibition : « Winter gardens… Secret gardens »

Plastic Arts Centre Albert Chanot, Clamart, France

2001     Exhibition : « From the Unique to the Multiple »

Visual Arts Center Albert Chanot, Clamart, France